tslearn.generators.random_walk_blobs(n_ts_per_blob=100, sz=256, d=1, n_blobs=2, noise_level=1.0, random_state=None)[source]

Blob-based random walk time series generator.

Generate n_ts_per_blobs * n_blobs time series of size sz and dimensionality d. Generated time series follow the model:

\[ts[t] = ts[t - 1] + a\]

where \(a\) is drawn from a normal distribution of mean mu and standard deviation std.

Each blob contains time series derived from a same seed time series with added white noise.

n_ts_per_blobint (default: 100)

Number of time series in each blob

szint (default: 256)

Length of time series (number of time instants)

dint (default: 1)

Dimensionality of time series

n_blobsint (default: 2)

Number of blobs

noise_levelfloat (default: 1.)

Standard deviation of white noise added to time series in each blob

random_stateinteger or numpy.RandomState or None (default: None)

Generator used to draw the time series. If an integer is given, it fixes the seed. Defaults to the global numpy random number generator.


A dataset of random walk time series


Labels associated to random walk time series (blob id)


>>> X, y = random_walk_blobs(n_ts_per_blob=100, sz=256, d=5, n_blobs=3)
>>> X.shape
(300, 256, 5)
>>> y.shape

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