API ReferenceΒΆ

The complete tslearn project is automatically documented for every module.

tslearn.barycenters The tslearn.barycenters module gathers algorithms for time series barycenter computation.
tslearn.clustering The tslearn.clustering module gathers time series specific clustering algorithms.
tslearn.datasets The tslearn.datasets module provides simplified access to standard time series datasets.
tslearn.early_classification The tslearn.early_classification module gathers early classifiers for time series.
tslearn.generators The tslearn.generators module gathers synthetic time series dataset generation routines.
tslearn.matrix_profile The tslearn.matrix_profile module gathers methods for the computation of Matrix Profiles from time series.
tslearn.metrics The tslearn.metrics module delivers time-series specific metrics to be used at the core of machine learning algorithms.
tslearn.neural_network The tslearn.neural_network module contains multi-layer perceptron models for time series classification and regression.
tslearn.neighbors The tslearn.neighbors module gathers nearest neighbor algorithms using time series metrics.
tslearn.piecewise The tslearn.piecewise module gathers time series piecewise approximation algorithms.
tslearn.preprocessing The tslearn.preprocessing module gathers time series scalers and resamplers.
tslearn.shapelets The tslearn.shapelets module gathers Shapelet-based algorithms.
tslearn.svm The tslearn.svm module contains Support Vector Classifier (SVC) and Support Vector Regressor (SVR) models for time series.
tslearn.utils The tslearn.utils module includes various utilities.